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Perpetual Profession of 8 Capuchin Brothers @ St Anthony’s Church, Gangondanahalli, Bangalore

On 2nd May 2022 at St. Anthony’s Church, Gangondanahalli, the newly re-elected Provincial Minister of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, Rev. Fr John Alwyn Dias presided over the Eucharistic celebration during which eight capuchin brothers of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka made their Perpetual Profession. Rev. Fr John Alwyn Dias received their vows. The Holy Eucharist was concelebrated by the re-elected Vicar Provincial, Fr Paul Melwyn D’Souza, the Councillors: Fr Denis Veigas and Fr Vijay Kumar, Parish Priest, Fr William Prabhu, Fr Salvadore Fernandes, Rector of Darshan Institute of Theology, Bangalore and many of the Capuchin Friars and other Priests. The Solemn Profession was witnessed by the parents, family members of the brothers who professed and number of parishioners of Gangondanahalli and other faithful. The ceremony was organized by the Community of Prem Nivas especially by Fr William Prabhu, the Parish Priest and Fr Dancy Martis and Fr Richard Kadiwal. The Solemn Rite of Profession was compared by Fr Naveen D’Souza. The felicitation program was animated by Br Anthony Raj (Jnr).

In the homily delivered by Fr Paul Melwyn D’Souza, the Vicar Provincial, spoke about the importance of Franciscan Capuchin call, elucidating the life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi who is the Father and Patron of Franciscan Capuchin Order. He invited the brothers to love their call and follow the evangelical counsels. It is a commitment for lifetime. Towards the end of the Felicitation Provincial Minister, thanked everyone who were instruments in organizing this holy event in a meaningful way and with devotion. The Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka remains ever grateful to all the parents who sacrificed their children to serve the Church in and through living Capuchin way of life and proclaiming Crucified Christ to the whole world. Millions of thanks to benefactors and those who helped for this meaningful celebration. We congratulate the brothers who made their Solemn Profession: Br Michael Dass, Br Joseph Francis, Br Regis Lalbiakhlua, Br Stanis Lopes, Br Anthony Melvin Pradeep, Br Miltan Fernandes, Br Leo Khiangte and Br Jeson Roy. May God bless them abundantly and may the Holy Spirit inspire them to live the Capuchin life in holiness walking in the footprints of St Francis of Assisi.

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