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It was an auspicious day to the friars of the Community of Saccidananda who gathered, with the invitees, for the celebration of the Solemnity of Most Holy Trinity in the Chapel of the Provincialate, Saccidananda, Bangalore. The Capuchin Province of Karnataka is dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity and it was an apt occasion to thank the Triune God for every blessings showered upon each friar of the Province, both of the past who have gone before with the sign of the Cross and the friars who serve in and through different ministries and apostolates both in missions in India and around the world. The friars of the Karnataka Province celebrate it as " Province Day " and offer thanks to the Most Holy Trinity.

The festal Holy Eucharist was officiated by the Carmelite Provincial Minister of Goa, Karnataka Province, Very Rev. Fr George Santhumayor, who in his sermon wonderfully explained the importance of the Most Holy Trinity in our life as Christians, as being the center of our faith. {1 Timothy 6:16} directs us to the fact that GOD " who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen." Every day we begin our prayers with the invocation of the Holy Trinity. The Triune God is inaccessible, inexplicable and immortal. It is a mystery, a depth which our mind cannot comprehend … our Triune God is Divine. He is so in love with us even though we are limited. " For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. " {John 3:16}. We are all baptized by invoking the Name of the Holy Trinity, and through our Baptism we experience the indwelling of the Triune God in us. God works in different ways in our lives. The Holy Trinity models us, our families and community. It is not we who serve God but God who serves us, takes care of us, lives in us and with us all the days of our lives.

{Acts 1: 8} says, " You shall be my witnesses. " Just before Jesus ascended into heaven He told His disciples what they were to do when they received the Holy Spirit. They were to be witnesses of all they have seen. This was not an option; they were mandated by their Master to go into all the world and proclaim the glorious gospel message that reconciliation with God was available through Jesus Christ. Thus we are called to be witnesses of the love, unity and sacrifices of the Triune God. The sermon concluded with the prayer to the Holy Trinity by St Elizabeth of the Trinity, " O my God, Trinity whom I adore, help me to forget myself entirely that I may be established in You as still and as peaceful as if my soul were already in eternity. May nothing trouble my peace or make me leave You, O my unchanging One, but may each minute carry me further into the depths of Your mystery. Give peace to my soul; make it Your heaven, Your beloved dwelling place and Your resting place. May I never leave You there alone, but be wholly present, my faith wholly vigilant, wholly adoring and wholly surrendered to Your creative action." After the Holy Eucharist, Fr Vijesh Menezes, Provincial Treasurer, thanked everyone for their presence at the Holy Mass and for worshipping the Holy Trinity. The Provincial Minister of the Holy Trinity Capuchin Province, Rev Fr John Alwyn Dias expressed his gratitude for the services, support and prayers offered by the generous benefactors, well-wishers, the Provincial Council of the past and present, the community members, every friar of the Province both working in missions and in the Province, all the domestic staff, Saccidananda extended family, service providers, legal aid, professional service providers, all those who sacrifice and help the Province in various ways. Thereafter Fr Robin Victor D’Souza said the grace before the fellowship meal that was served to enhance the joy of the celebration. Many faithful gathered for this celebration of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity and around 20 priests concelebrated the Holy Eucharist. May the Holy Triune God bless us, protect us, guide us and lead us to the path of holiness

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