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IX Ordinary Provincial Chapter-2022: Day Five
On the Fifth Day 29th April 2022 at 6.00 am all the capitulars gathered in the chapel for the Morning Prayer and the Holy Eucharist. Br. Maxim Valerian D’Souza, Custos from Custody of Japan presided over the Holy Eucharist. Br Denis Oscar Ogwal from the Custody of Charles Lwanga and Br. Charles J.R. Furtado, concelebrated the Eucharist.

Having done with the roll call of the day, the First Chapter Secretary Br. Maxim D’Silva thanked the Moderator Br. Denis Veigas for moderating yesterday’s session. Having thanked he invited Br. Joseph Dolphy Pais to moderate the session. Br Dolphy Pais moderated the session touching upon these following points: 1. Life of Prayer 2. Life in Fraternity 3. Life of Vows: Obedience, Chastity, Poverty and 4. Vocation Promotion.

In the Afternoon session the First Secretary Br Maxim D’Silva thanked the Moderator Br. Dolphy Pais for moderating morning session and he invited Br Rocky D’Cunha to moderate the session in the afternoon. Having continued with the agenda capitulars gave their opinions concerning the Initial Formation, 5. Apostolic Charism 6. Grace of working 7. Economy 8. Administration. The session was concluded at 4:30 p.m.

In the evening the capitulars gathered for the session in the hall. Br Rocky D’Cunha moderated the session. During this session all the brothers who serve in the mission were encouraged for their selfless work and commitment. While discussing on the missionary endeavours re-elected Provincial Minister, Br John Alwyn Dias encouraged friars to come forward to work in the mission. Thereafter, many of the miscellaneous points were discussed. Looking at the present situation, house felt that all must give more importance to a Capuchin Franciscan response to all our brothers and sisters, carrying ‘Love’ ‘Peace’ and ‘Mercy’.

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