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IX Ordinary Provincial Chapter-2022: Day Three
On the third day, 27th at 6.15 a.m all the capitulars gathered in the chapel for the Holy hour conducted by the Liturgy Committee. Br. Patrick Crasta read the Gospel passage and gave a meaningful reflection by calling us to move on with the Spirit of truth.

At 8:30 a.m all the capitulars gathered in the Chapter hall for the Election of the New Provincial Minister. The Chapter President as per the norm, made a prayer before the Election. The Second Chapter Secretary having done the roll call, the First Chapter Secretary briefed the Capitulars about the Election procedures, after which both the Chapter Secretaries and the scrutineers.

made a vow of secrecy before counting the ballots. The Election of the Provincial Minister for Holy Trinity Province Karnataka took place at 10:30 a.m. Accordingly it was announced, Br. John Alwyn Dias was re-elected as the Provincial Minister of the Holy Trinity Province Karnataka. Br. John Alwyn Dias willingly accepted the office and requested the support from the brothers of the Province.

Soon after the Election of the Provincial Minister, the Chapter President moved with the election the Councillors. Accordingly Br. Paul Melwyn D’Souza was elected as the first councillor, Br, Robin Victor D’Souza as the second councillor, Br. Denis Veigas as the third councillor and Br. Vijay Kumar as the fourth councillor. All the four councillors willingly accepted this responsibility and work for the betterment of the Province. Among them Br. Paul Melwyn D’Souza was re-elected as Provincial Vicar of the Holy Trinity Province Karnataka.

At 3.30 p.m all the capitulars gathered for the session. Br. Maxim D’Silva invited Br. Dolphy Pais moderator of the afternoon session. Br. Dolphy Pais requested the capitulars to seek clarifications if any on the financial report, presented yesterday. Capitulars while congratulating Br. Vijesh for his clear and transparent financial report sought out some clarifications, having cleared all the questions the session was ended with the prayer.

In the Evening at 6:30 all the Capitulars along with the New Provincial and the Councillors gathered in the Chapel to give thanks to the Lord for the goodness that He had shown on us. During the Eucharistic celebration the Provincial Minister and the Council made their profession of faith and took the oath of secrecy and fidelity to the office. Having thanked God Provincial Minister Br. John Alwyn Dias gave us call to recognise the love of God within our own ‘Call’ thus one admitting God goodness give himself totally to God, to the Order, and to the Province. Soon after the Holy Eucharist the Provincial Minister and the Councillors were felicitated.

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